I provide salmon fly casting and salmon fishing instruction with both single and double handed rods. I also offer a guiding game fishing service. If you have never ever fished for salmon and are unsure where and how to start I can offer all the equipment you will need to try it out for yourself. This includes rod, reel, line, leaders and methods to encourage you to learn the most efficient modern methods of making the equipment work for you. I do not currently provide waders or wading boots.

If you find the jargon a little overwhelming then I will offer explanations in the most basic of terms to provide you with a thorough grounding as to why and how the equipment performs. If you are an experienced angler and want to ‘tune up’ your own techniques utilising your own equipment then I cater for this also. I don’t propose to reinvent the wheel but some rods, particularly modern rods can prove to be expensive and highly technical pieces of equipment. Surely it makes sound economic and practical sense to be able to utilise these rods to their most efficient advantage? This ensures a maximum return on your investment. Casting tuition is an excellent way to achieve this since they and I will teach you modern, up to the minute casting techniques to marry up to your modern equipment. It would be unprofessional of me to offer advice on equipment that I have never tried and I will never do this. I make a point of familiarising myself with new equipment as it is released by manufacturers and I offer to make this experience available to you.

Rivers and streams hold magnetism to most human eyes. In my own case this has reached obsession. They can however prove to be very dangerous places. I am able to instruct any client who is a little unfamiliar with deep wading in safe deep wading techniques. I also provide optional life jackets for all instructional sessions. I want you to be safe and I want you to feel safe. I want you to enjoy your time with me. Some time ago I decided to test myself on my own ability to teach salmon fishing. This involved a personal journey, embarking on some of the most extensive and rigorous training to become a professional salmon fishing instructor. I would like very much for you to join me for lessons and tutelage and grow with me. Alternatively we can meet up and just talk and talk and talk about salmon and salmon fishing; subjects which absolutely fascinate me and on which I never get tired of listening or talking about. I can provide individual or group tuition or demonstrations.

One to one tuition is an excellent vehicle for the provision of fast track learning. Having said this, group tuition also has merits. I can offer teaching to suit your own situation. This can be done on your own piece of river or I can provide access to flowing water; wild salmon after all do not run in stillwater ponds. I can provide advice and assistance on equipment selection and purchase. The advice, as with your teaching, will be individually tailored to suit your own circumstances and budget. I have absolutely no affiliation to any fishing tackle manufacturer and I do not receive commission or incentives from fishing tackle companies. Any advice provided therefore will be on a completely impartial basis. I also offer video analysis of fly casting tutored sessions which enables the student to view what is going on from a number of different aspects while they are forming and making their cast. I offer to write these video clips to recordable media and this can provide the student with long term structured development plans to meet and exceed objectives.

Instruction can be provided on a ‘one off’ lesson basis or plan consisting of a set of lessons once again tailored to your own particular needs. Each lesson will have a specific or set of specific goals in mind. Together we can explore ways to develop your learning to exceed these goals.

Guiding consists of accompanying clients on water and teaching aspects of safe angling and wading, river craft, appropriate rod and line selection for differing river and pool types, marrying the speed of the 'swing' to the speed of the pool or maybe changing this when circumstances dictate it and fly selection which can of course be a highly subjective matter. I offer hand crafted trout, grayling, sea trout and salmon flies which can be made available to order for which I require a reasonable notice period.

To discuss further, please do not hesitate to Contact me by email or telephone on 07971 188569.


Geoff Littler